Dynamic, Engaging And Supportive
doctor consulting young couple in clinic

Are you feeling stressed and burnt out? Studies show a direct correlation with burn out and ineffective clinical supervision. Health service organizations have a responsibility for ensuring that all individual practitioners have access to effective clinical supervision, however, with rising administrative demands, among other things, many clinician experience high caseloads and inadequate supports to manage them. As clinicians we have a personal responsibility to seek clinical supervision when necessary. At L & L our Supervision is Dynamic, Engaging and Supportive. Supervision is a process of growth at the personal and professional level. During the supervision process, supervises can expect to develop their knowledge and practical application of therapeutic skills. The supervisor will work with the supervise to ensure the development of the necessary skills while providing supportive feedback and direction. The goal is for the supervise to strengthen their confidence as a clinician while working towards enhancing and improving outcomes for their clients.

We offer flexible scheduling, easy accessibility and affordable pricing. Both group and individual options are available either using the traditional face to face format or virtually.

Medication Management

Medications can be a critical aspect in the management of behavioral and mental health issues, whether for the short-term or for the ongoing stabilization of symptoms. We partner with local psychiatrist to make referrals for medication management.